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Type II diabetes is the most common of the three types of diabetes (type I, type II and gestational). There are several aspects of type II diabetes that are extremely important to know, especially if you think you may be a borderline diabetic, have just been diagnosed with type II diabetes, or if you have a family history. These aspects include the basics of type II diabetes, the symptoms and causes, as well as treatment options and tools to help you manage and control your diabetes.

What is it?

Type II diabetes is the type of diabetes that occurs when the body does not make enough insulin, or the cells in the body reject what insulin is produced. The job of insulin is to take glucose from the blood to the cells of the body, but in people with type II diabetes, the insulin can’t do the job or there’s not enough, and glucose builds up in the blood instead of being turned into energy by the cells. Some ethnic groups are at more of a risk for developing type II diabetes, including African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiians.

Symptoms and Causes

There are no definitely known causes for type II diabetes, but some studies suggest that genetics has a huge part to do with it, and those who suffer from obesity or general bad health may also be at a bigger risk. It is important to understand that it is very common for people with type II diabetes to show no symptoms at all. There are however a list of common symptoms of which only two or three may appear before diagnosis. These include extreme hunger, thirst or irritability, blurred vision, frequent urination, fatigue, weight loss, frequent infections, slow healing sores or bruises, and areas of darkened skin.

Treatment and Tools

There are several common treatments and tools for type II diabetes, including the use of glucose meters, diabetic diet plans, diabetic recipes, exercise, and medications. Diabetic diets, diabetic recipes, and glucose meters are probably the most common treatments. It is important to maintain a good diabetic diet and exercise regimen to control type II diabetes, and glucose meters as well as a good doctor are vital to keeping track of your blood glucose levels. All of these treatments and tools are usually combined to provide a full management plan.


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